Thursday, May 2, 2013

News Roundup

Last papers of college are DONE. Now I have two weeks to pack up my stuff, get my wisdom teeth pulled, buy furniture, move, and graduate. Whew!

I saw my therapist Dr. P yesterday and talked about some of the frustrations I've been having lately. And gosh darn it, that lady always knows how to make me feel better. Someone remind me again why it took so damn long to find a therapist I actually liked?

More on this later, but we talked a lot about the exercise issue and how running is always always always going to be a trigger for me. Hard to admit sometimes, but I really feel like I need to keep myself honest on this one. No matter how awesome running makes me feel.

It's probably no secret around here that I am an unapologetic news junkie, so some world news to go along with my personal news:

— Anyone else completely baffled by this Boston bombing saga? It seems like every day there's some new headline: "They're foreign radicals!" "They're Americans!" "Big brother brainwashed little brother!" "Little brother was a sweet kid!""But his mom was a nutjob!" "He had an arsenal of weapons!" "Never mind, he was unarmed!" "And he played soccer!" It's really hard to see this kid, who is three years younger than me and has that cute face and puppy dog eyes, as a terrorist. Trust me, I have friends and family in Boston and am absolutely horrified and furious about what he did, but it's still sad. Call me a bleeding heart liberal, if you must, but I feel for everyone in this. What a waste of life.

Something we can all agree on: Chechnya is not the same as the Czech Republic. Good lord.

— This is a totally different kind of starvation than what I usually discuss on here, but a really hard issue and one on which I have very mixed and complicated feelings: force-feeding at Gitmo.

The world is a scary place. Sometimes it's hard to reconcile the seemingly tiny yet somehow all-consuming struggles and anxieties I face in my daily life with all the horrible destructive things happening in the world. If anyone figures out a way to negotiate that divide, holler at me.

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  1. Congrats on being done! What an accomplishment! I'm so glad you and Dr. P have been able to address the frustrations; wonderful to have her in your corner! Great that you can be honest about the difficulty with exercise--it's challenging, but being honest about it can help make sure you stay on a healthy course with the support you need :)

    I agree with you on the news: scary stuff, and just plain odd sometimes (the geographical/cultural missteps often provide a little comedic relief in what are otherwise tragic and painful stories).

    Have a lovely weekend!