Sunday, May 12, 2013

Pre-Graduation Highlights

Having a random, relaxing/stressful, weird time-warp type of weekend. I've been finished with schoolwork for over a week, got my wisdom teeth out six days ago and am pretty much fully recovered, and have three days of Senior Week festivities before my parents and brother get here for graduation.

Some highlights of the past week or so:

— I am the proud new owner of an e-reader. My dad loves gadgets and has been dying to buy me a Kindle for years but I've always resisted, preferring old-fashioned books with real pages and covers and everything—but then the student I tutor went all-out and surprised me on Friday with a Kindle as a thank-you/graduation present, so I am slowly adapting to twenty-first century-style reading. Will keep you posted.


— A couple weeks ago, I made a promise to myself that I wouldn't work out two days in a row. It just puts me back into that compulsive mindset of I must work out every day, and more today than yesterday that never ends well. Well, I broke that promise this morning. But hear me out! We've had a rare string of GORGEOUS days here in college city—think 70 degrees, not a cloud in the sky—and I felt compelled by some higher power of nature to get my butt out in the sunshine again even though I'd already gone running yesterday. Plus, running just puts me in such a good mood that I couldn't resist. I tried! Anyway, I guess my body decided to teach me a lesson because I was so tired during my run today that I thought I might pass out, and on top of that I seem to be developing shin splints. Note to self: you deserved that. And I will be sticking to my self-imposed exercise limits from now on. Lesson learned!

— My cousin and I went to see Iron Man 3 the other night. Sheesh, I thought I might go deaf from all the explosions. Shut up, I know I'm eighty years old. RDJr. is pretty cute though.

Iron Man 3

— Today may be the day I bite the bullet and finally start packing up my stuff. I've been so overwhelmed by the process that I keep procrastinating, but it just hit me that I have less than a week until I need to be totally out of here for good. Still deciding whether or not I'm brave enough to venture into my closet...

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