Saturday, May 18, 2013

Four Years Later

More updates to come, but for now an announcement: I am officially a college graduate! It's been a crazy week of celebrating, packing, moving, marching around in the cap and gown, taking pictures with my friends, introducing my parents to professors, etc. etc. etc. I'm totally wiped and have one more half-day of moving tomorrow, but then I'll be all settled into my new place and ready to start life as an Alum!


Stay tuned. Topics to appear in future posts: family party in which I am fed pork steaks, pasta salad, and coleslaw (who said I didn't have fear foods anymore?); the near choking death of a furniture delivery man on the front steps of my new apartment; sparring with the contractor who installed my wireless; naming my router and modem in the presence of said contractor; and being told by said contractor: "That's a new one." (What? I like to name stuff.)

Happy Saturday all, take care.

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