Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Graduation Recap, Moving, and Improving

Okay whew, it feels like I haven't had a chance to sit down and breathe for over a week now. SO much has happened since I gave you guys a real update that I almost don't know where to start. We had Senior Week at school, which included a lot of gallivanting around College City with my friends and reuniting with freshman floor-mates, dressing up, drinking wine, staying up until 5am (I am too old for this shit...) etc. Then my brother and parents came into town last Wednesday for my graduation weekend. The ceremony was incredible. Call me old-fashioned, but I just love the pageantry of it all. Along with all the festivities, we also had to pack up my stuff and move it into my new apartment—which is absolutely gorgeous, if I do say so myself. I've probably said it before, and I'll say it again: moving sucks. Luckily my daddy and big brother were champs and got a double bed strapped to the top of a rental car, carted it over to my new place, carried it up to the third floor, and set it up in my new bedroom. My family left College City on Sunday and I flew home last night. Now I'm staying with my parents for a week before flying back out to College City to start work after Memorial Day. As I said, whew.

I had actually been dreading the whole Senior Week/graduation/moving stuff for a long time. 1) Lots of spontaneity, no schedule, and no alone time. 2) Chronic pain and constant activity do not always mix. 3) I hate being the center of attention. But that all being said, I had a wonderful time and dealt with everything really well. It was so much fun to have my family in town and get to introduce them to my friends and professors and everyone. As for food: yes it was tricky, but I'm in a solid enough place that four days out of my routine doesn't totally derail me anymore. In fact, I think the festivities jolted me out of my post-surgery flirtation with old habits. Hard to restrict when you're eating two meals a day in restaurants with your parents. Also hard to restrict when you spend hours running up and down three flights of stairs, hauling clothes and books and furniture. I took my brother out for tacos, ate tuna fish sandwiches at Panera, picked around some ribs and pasta salad at a family barbecue, and drank a Frappuccino to reward myself for bringing up the last load of stuff into my new place yesterday afternoon. My only guilt came from paying nearly five bucks for it.

So, what now? I'm just hanging out at home, fitting in random appointments like a haircut, eyebrow-wax, and dentist follow-up this week. I am also seeing Dr. A again on Friday. Fingers crossed he has another miracle up his sleeve. My hip pain is much better but not gone, and I really want to kick this thing before the next chapter of my life begins.

YOU GUYS. Do you remember how miserable I was at this time last year? The hip/pelvic pain was totally out of control, the anorexia was totally out of control, and my depression and anxiety were totally out of control. I spent my two weeks of vacation at home crying. This year, I've only been home for about eighteen hours, but I spent yesterday evening hanging out with my mom and goofing off with my dad. I am in love with my new apartment, my new research job, my new graduate program, and my new college degree. My health is improving. For now, life is pretty good. And for the most part, things are getting better every day.

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