Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The Epic Week of Seven Doctors' Appointments

So, some updates as promised:

- Wednesday: The ED doc was first—she asked me some really hard stuff that I wasn't really ready to talk about, and thus I started crying and couldn't really focus on what she was saying after that. Pretty much her only suggestion as far as the pain was to up the dose of my gabapentin, which I probably won't do because I'm a FREAK and can't stop worrying about my weight. Next was Dr. L, my psychiatrist, who normally never fails to make me feel better and understood and taken care of. She was as sweet and compassionate as always this time, but ultimately didn't really have any suggestions either. ARGH. I feel so lost.

- Thursday was the eye doctor. I LOVE HIM. My eyes feel absolutely fantastic. More importantly, I am finally rid of my evil glasses and am wearing contacts again for the first time in about six months. I was forcing them in for about a year before that, but they were always super uncomfortable. Sometimes I have to pinch myself to remember that this is real and my eyes actually don't hurt.

- Friday adventure. I saw my pain doc (the nice one that I first saw back in October) at 8 a.m.—his research assistant told me that she was "hopeful for a couple of reasons" about me, and gave me another prescription to try. Then I had PT at 9, which was okay except that I'd walked from the hospital to the PT clinic and went into the session already hurting quite a bit, but PT Lady was super nice and understanding and made me feel better.

- And then therapy. My roommate came with me, which I finally agreed to after waffling on it for several weeks. She had first offered to come about a month ago when I was REALLY struggling and scaring her with how miserable I was. R seemed happy to have her there and it was a very interesting session—definitely uncomfortable and not fun at times, but ultimately productive, I think. R and I will have lots to talk about at my next solo appointment in January but for now, I'm happy to be on therapy-vacation.

- Oh yeah, and then late Friday afternoon I had to run back to the eye doctor for a quick emergency checkup because my right eye was hurting and freaking me out, but apparently I am a paranoid loser because my eye was just fine. At least Dr. Q was nice about it and didn't make fun of me.

Does anyone else sometimes forget that I'm a full-time student too? I certainly do. So looking forward to the day when I can have hobbies instead of doctors' appointments.


  1. I still can't believe you had seven doctor-appointments in a week! And seriously, major props for keeping them all straight. I'm really sorry that the appointments with the ED doc and Dr. L didn't go very well and were frustrating. So so glad that the eye doctor was able to provide some much-needed relief! And I'm really proud of you for having the courage to shake up your session with R. I'm sure it was hard, but really awesome that you tried something new. Someday you're going to be able to have amazing and fun hobbies, I'm sure of it!

  2. I'm so glad that your eye doctor is helping!!!!!! Also, I'm proud of you for inviting your roommate to your session. I had my roommate come to a session once, too, and my therapist seized on her willingness and assigned her a few jobs to help me! I think it was extremely productive and helpful for BOTH of us...her because she knew how to help me better and understood me better, and me because I had someone to help me in a specific way that I could count on (and because I couldn't get away with crap because she knew my plan!) Yay for supportive, helpful, friends!!!!