Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Study Avoidance

I have an exam tomorrow morning that I desperately do not want to study for. Hi Blogger!

- My weight is scaring the poop out of me. I can't handle it going up anymore. I've been on New Drug (gabapentin) for about two weeks now - a fairly low dose, but I am absolutely paranoid about continuing to balloon up. I think my weight is hovering around the same number since then, but whenever I'm gaining, the scale tends to make random jumps every few weeks and I am terrified that I'm due for another one. Unfortunately, I haven't really noticed any difference in my pain levels since switching either—really hoping this isn't another case of the Chub Drug with all the side effects and none of the benefits.

- I hesitate to say this because I'm superstitious and don't want to jinx it, but I'm on Day 5 of having these new contact lenses in and my eyes still feel wonderful. It's the most bizarre thing ever. Ophthalmologists have been telling me all year to not wear contacts because I'd do more damage by having a foreign body in an already-compromised eyeball, but for some reason this works. My roommate is getting a kick out my amazement—I send her about ten texts a day marveling at how un-terrible my eyes feel. Usually they hurt so much I can barely keep them open, but not anymore! I've challenged her to about twenty staring contests and she keeps declining.

- My thesis advisor really is a saint. He's writing me a letter of recommendation for an application that I somehow thought was due in March, but discovered is actually due January 3. I ran to his office yesterday in a panic and was all like "OMG Dr. K I'm so sorry but I'm a spaz and can't read instructions and the application's actually due in a month OMGOMGOMG." Long story short, he will have the letter in by the deadline. Additionally, he surely thinks I'm a lunatic.

- Then, I realized that I just literally had not done the homework for my research seminar. It just didn't even occur to me. We have these little papers due every week, and we are supposed to submit them online by Sunday at 5 p.m. So at 3 p.m. on Tuesday (the class starts at 4), I pounded out the two short essays in about twenty minutes and fired off a hysterical e-mail to the professor that went something like "OMG I COMPLETELY FORGOT TO DO THE HOMEWORK ON TIME, I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT'S WRONG WITH ME, YOU SHOULD PROBABLY TALK TO MY THERAPIST." My professor wrote back that night, "Don't worry, Kaylee, and thanks for letting me know. You finished the semester with attentiveness, poise, and grace." LOL


  1. If it makes you feel any better, I was on gabapentin for almost 6 months and it made NO difference in my weight.

    Also, if you're asking for recommendations a MONTH before the applications are due, I feel like you're good. I've got an application due in a week and a half and still haven't asked about recommendations.'s to hoping?

    1. thank you!! I needed to hear that. The jury's still out on the gabapentin for me, but fingers and toes crossed that it works with no major side effects! And I'm sure you're fine, sounds like you still have time for those applications. good luck!

  2. I'm really sorry the weight issue is so scary! I really hope the med starts reducing your pain soon, and that there are none of the un-fun side effects like from the last med. Fingers crossed!

    Your thesis advisor and professor seem like really awesome people that you have in your corner. So glad they've been helpful and positive!

    1. I have only wonderful things to say about all my professors here, it's really been an amazing experience for me. thanks!