Saturday, July 14, 2012

A Welcome Return

Maybe there was a logical reason for the bloating after all: six weeks of solid nutrition and my period came back! It was mind-boggling to see the toll that a couple short months of pretty consistent restricting took on my body, but I am equally amazed at how quickly it seems to be able to bounce back. Granted, my uterus is extremely unhappy and has been letting me know by producing the world's worst cramps, but that's okay. I suppose this most recent four-month menstrual hiatus (preceded by both a nine-month- and a two-year hiatus since 2009) has left my reproductive system a tad confused. Yes, that's correct: I've only had four periods since I was eighteen. Oh why hello, anorexia, nice to hear from you again.

I am SO HAPPY. This means my bones are finally getting some lovin' and my baby-making abilities are kicking back into high gear (but for real, don't worry, no babies on the horizon...) and I can finally feel like a semi-normal female human being again.

Weird observation: I used to be able to predict when my period was coming because I'd become insatiably hungry for a few days, but this time? Nope, no appetite whatsoever. I'm usually pretty hungry in the morning when I wake up, but all week I've been having to force myself to eat breakfast. Then I just have pretty much zero hunger or desire to eat the rest of the day. (I mean, I still do eat of course, but it's been a constantly losing Battle of the Bloat. Speaking of, you guys are awesome and thanks for all the support and suggestions for dealing with an angry belly.)

I'm glad to have some good news for R next week. He'll be happy for me, of course, but probably also irritated that I keep getting my period at a weight XX pounds below where he thought I would. Oops, sorry R! But not really!


  1. That's awesome and you should feel so accomplished. I've been working on getting mine back forever and nothing seems to be working =/ hmph. Keep going!!<3 much love.

  2. SO exciting. :)
    so proud of you.
    so inspired of you.
    don't stop working hard.

  3. Congrats! Your hard work is paying off and your body is happy! Well, not the cramp-y part, but I'm sure your bones are lovin it! I hope it becomes a regular occurrence for you now!

  4. So happy to hear that you are embracing your newfound healthy body :) <3