Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Tuesday Tea Time

Actually, it's Tuesday Boost Time, but I like alliteration. SUE ME. Also, it's way too hot for tea. Also, tea doesn't have calories.

Anyway, I know I've sworn off depressing news for a while, but I meant to post this article on depression in developing countries last week. It was really eye-opening to read about what a huge problem mental health care (or lack thereof) is around the world. Even though mental health certainly doesn't get as much attention or insurance coverage as it should in the United States, I was still reminded how lucky I am to live in a place where mental illness is at least recognized and treated appropriately.


  1. Soooooo true! Also the US's mental health system is pretty crappy at studying and detecting mental illness in people living in this country but who are not from the dominant (white, christian, heterosexual, middle/upper middle class) culture. (I'm in school getting my doctorate in psychology right now, and we spend quite a bit of time learning about this...)

  2. Nice alliteration! I definitely agree about the mental health care issues. Even though it sometimes sucks here in the US, it's a lot better than it could be. It makes me very grateful to live someplace where what I need is available, even if it's expensive. Hope the Boost was tasty!