Thursday, July 28, 2011

Miscellaneous Updates

This week has sort of flown by, which is weird since my days at work seem to go. so. slowly.  After tomorrow, I only have two (TWO) weeks left of my internship.  There is a God.

I saw my dietician this morning.  My weight is about the same. B wants me to add Ensure to start getting my weight back up. I've always resisted supplements, since they seem like a "waste" of calories.  In general, I go for the most amount of food spread out across as many meals/snacks as possible - the most volume for the least calories.  This is a habit from the hardcore restricting days, when I tried to make my meager daily allotment last as long as possible.  I guess it's less necessary now, since I eat a decent amount of calories, but the tendency is too ingrained.  So I told B that I didn't want to drink Ensure because it wouldn't fill me up, and she said, "Well, you aren't eating the calories in food anyway and right now it's just about getting them in." Okay.  B:1, Kaylee: 0.

Tomorrow, I'm driving up to visit a friend who lives about an hour away for the weekend. (She is the same friend, C, who visited me in this post.) It's the same I'm-happy-to-see-her-but-worried-about-food conundrum that crops up in every non-routine event in my life.  If I survive the nerve-wracking lead-up (omg what am I going to eat) and hellish Friday afternoon traffic, it should be a fun trip.

Weekends tend to be tough for me because I don't have a set schedule.  I worry about eating too much, so I compensate by eating way less.  I worry about not having enough time to work out, so I carve out extra time and end up exhausting myself.  I'm really trying to take more time off from exercise and feel good about it instead of guilty, so distractions like this trip make it a little easier.

Hope everyone has a good weekend!

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