Saturday, October 24, 2015

A Habitual Illness, Revisited

This column does a much better job of summarizing the study's findings than that New York Times article I posted last week. Thanks to everyone who provided feedback.

"Steinglass emphasizes that calling anorexia a "habit," such as a headline did in the New York Times, doesn’t capture the full story. It’s not just a habit, like biting your nails. Instead, she likes to think of the disorder as being supported by these entrenched routines that must be changed for recovery to occur."

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  1. I really like the column and of course, Carrie Arnold. I'm very glad "habit" was clarified. The way this was written really made sense as far as how my own food choices happen. Often my knee-jerk reaction is the "carrot" option, and it can sometimes be hard to override that and actually listen to my body--but I think it takes time and practice for those neural pathways to be rerouted. Thanks for sharing this--it was quite helpful!