Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Interacting with an Idiot

Major frustration/ventage about to happen:

I've been trying to schedule a campus visit to one of the PhD programs I've been accepted to - just to see the school, meet the one professor I'm really interested in working with, etc. The office secretary e-mailed me last week asking about my availability, then said she would be in touch. I didn't hear from her until this afternoon, when she e-mailed asking where I was, because apparently she had gone ahead and scheduled me for an interview TODAY but FORGOT TO INFORM ME. Uh, okay, great - must've been pretty awkward when I didn't show up. Of course I wrote back all apologetic for the confusion and such (even though it was clearly not my fault....), and we've been exchanging e-mails all afternoon. The conversation has gone something like this:

Secretary: Are you available on Febuary 27? I can schedule you with Program Director at 1pm, and two other other professors who are available that day at 2pm and 3pm.

Me: Great! I will plan to be there on Feb 27 at 1pm.

Secretary: Unfortunately, none of the professors are available that afternoon, sorry. So you will just be meeting with Program Director.

Me [scratching my head, wondering if I missed something]: Okay, well I would really like to meet with potential advisors when I visit. I am most interested in meeting with Professor A. I am available at any time on the following dates: [I listed about 10 different dates].

Secretary: How about either Feb 10 or Feb 17? Let me know your availability and I will confirm with our faculty.

Me: Sure. I will keep both dates open while you confirm.

Secretary: I have you scheduled for 1pm on February 10th with Professor B and Professor C.

Me: Okay. Is it possible to meet with Professor A while I am there?

Secretary: Oh sorry I forgot, he doesn't work here anymore.

WHAT THE FUCK. If the entire school functions anywhere at the level of this lady, there is NO WAY I'm going there.

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