Wednesday, February 4, 2015

One of Those Days

I am having one of Those Days. I felt the clouds start to roll in a few days ago - a few more niggling worries, building frustration, irritability at everything and everyone....and today I've been crying on and off since I woke up.

I hate that my weight still does this to me. I am doing everything right - my diet and exercise are  perfectly healthy and moderate. I'm in therapy. I have a busy, full life outside the eating disorder. So why do I still feel like being fat is the worst thing in the world? Like being in this body is the worst thing in the world? I kill myself to eat the perfect diet and get the perfect amount of exercise, and my body still won't do what I want it to.

I hate this. I'm stuck and I'm lost and and I'm so frustrated and  so tired.

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