Sunday, February 22, 2015

A Winter's Tale (of Travel)

Since you last heard from me, I:

- have been on five different planes

- did a PhD interview while sitting on beanbag chairs (yes both me and the professor)

- got waitlisted then maybe (?) accepted by the program I visited last weekend (long story)

- got two flights cancelled (short story: snowstorm)

- slept on a stranger's couch one night, and then on an airport bench the next night (and I'm using the term "slept" loosely)

- spent 20 hours in one terminal of one airport in Strange City I've Never Visited Before and In Which I Do Not Know a Soul

- hung out with some musicians from Cleveland (another long story)

- got invited to give a guest lecture next week (thanks for the advance warning!)

- ate approximately 26,000 packaged turkey sandwiches and Clif bars

- spent approximately $58,495 on airport food

- got approximately 45 minutes of actual shut-eye (can ya tell?)

Details to come, if I am feeling more functional later. Long story short, my trip back from Potential PhD University took almost 30 hours door-to-door thanks to snow. And I wasn't even in Boston!

Off to take a nap.

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