Tuesday, January 14, 2014

For Real, Universe???

YOU GUYS. This was too perfect/ridiculous/insane not to write about. Remember this crazy bitch from last semester who sent me nasty e-mails and made me cry and is generally an awful human being? Well. Just file that away for a sec...

So today, I got to school all chipper and psyched about life because I had just walked to campus (a little over a mile) with NO pain, the sun was shining, and it was warm enough for me to shed my scarf halfway through. I walked into my morning class to discover that the professor had already assigned us to groups for a semester-long project. Well, guess who was NOT ONLY in my class, but ALSO IN MY GROUP??


Fortunately I knew the professor because I took a class with him last semester. When he dismissed us for a break halfway through class, I asked to speak with him in the hallway, and explained the situation to him, and  politely begged requested a change of groups. And although he was super nice and understanding about it, Mr. Professor told me that it would be tough to change the groups around because they were based on surveys we had all taken last week about our interests, backgrounds, etc. and if he moved me, he would have to move someone else, and it would generally cause a big mess yada yada yada.

Well, luckily for me, there were several people in the class who had also been in class with Evil Girl and me last semester and knew the situation. A couple people actually went and spoke to the professor on my behalf...apparently one of them, who was originally assigned to the same group as Evil Girl and Me (in the new class), told him that she REFUSED to work with Evil Girl because of the horrible way she'd treated me last semester. Before I knew it, Mr. Professor had switched Evil Girl out of my group and someone else took her place. WIN.

But seriously. Two groups, two semesters in a row. This bitch better not follow me through graduate school.


  1. What are the odds???? Wow. Sounds like you handled it really well, though, and I'm so glad other classmates stepped up and went to bat for you. Great that she got switched out and you won't have to deal with her group-drama again! I hope she's less bitchy for the class in general! Good luck!

  2. Duuude. What happens if the group she's been moved to is also like, hi, no. I have to say though, with a reputation like that one semester into the program, you have to wonder how much longer she will be able to stick around.