Friday, January 17, 2014

Off to a Good Start

First week of the semester done! And I've gotta say, it was a pretty good one. Aside from that minor incident involving the universe trying to screw with me, things went well. I can already tell that my classes are going to be VASTLY better than last semester, when I didn't really love any—and even straight-up hated a couple—of them. I am getting to the point where I am allowed to take more specialized courses based on my interests, which makes a huge difference. Another random thing is that my professors are all male this semester compared to just one in the fall; I don't usually have strong opinions about this either way, but it should be an interesting change.

The biggest difference is that I am feeling engaged and inspired (whereas last semester I got pretty bored pretty fast...). It also helps that my advisor is giving me lots more responsibility and opportunities to get my feet wet and learn as much as I can. Basically, I am the type of student/employee/advisee who says yes to everything and then, if I don't know how to do it, will pull up The Google and put my dad on speaker phone and panic a lot and somehow figure out how to do it. Not always the most peaceful way to work, but it works for me. And it means that I am constantly learning more about more. I'm really grateful to have an advisor who lets me run with stuff like that.

Oh! I almost forgot—I'm going skiing tomorrow! Which will be an adventure because (1) I haven't been skiing in about 15 years, (2) It's supposed to rain, (3) I don't own snow pants or waterproof anything, really, which means it would be great if I didn't fall, which brings me back to my first point, plus (4) I am not very coordinated, and (5) I was never very good at skiing in the first place. SO all in all, an adventure. That being said, I was kind of proud of myself for saying yes to the invite and giving up my entire Saturday for a situation that will involve me skipping my usual workout in favor of something completely different and unknown AND will involve me having zero control over food. This kind of thing is totally outside my comfort zone, especially when I'm stressed about work/school/GRE studying etc...but here's to balance, right? Right?!?

So I'm totally exhausted and really need to sleep well tonight, especially before a day of shredding the mountains. Sleep tight, everyone! Happy Friday.

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  1. I'm so glad things are going better than last semester and that you're really enjoying your classes and the work with your advisor! It sounds like a great setup, and a lot of fun!

    Congrats on accepting the invitation to go skiing despite all of the unknowns and being out of your comfort zone! That's awesome! Go you! I hope it was a really fun trip, and that it allowed you to relax a bit with everything you have going on this semester!