Saturday, January 25, 2014

Saturday Rundown

Ahh, another week down! Yet again, it was crazy and I am both totally exhausted and totally fired up. I had my first clinic hours on Wednesday and Thursday, which was INTENSE. The health center is in a super low-income section of College City, so you get some pretty poor, sick, desperate people. In my first two days, I met with (among others):

- a meth addict
- a heroin addict
- a homeless pregnant 16-year-old

Unfortunately I am starting to grasp the dearth of affordable medical care for people, especially since College City is located in one of those icky icky states that rejected the Medicaid expansion last year. (Do NOT even get me started. It makes me sick.)

So, sheesh. I really gotta stop complaining about, like, anything in my life.

Today I slept until almost 8, which was pretty sweet because I've been having trouble sleeping all week. Every night I'd doze on the couch for a while, then make my way to bed around midnight or 1, and then wake up around 5 and toss and turn for a while before finally getting up. I always have sleep problems when I'm wired and stressed, so I imagine this is just an adjustment period. The nice thing is that now I have my work/class/clinic hours finalized, so I'm feeling much better about my schedule. Also, based on the sage advice of JS and Alie, I pushed back my GRE date by about a month, which is a huge relief. I am planning to devote a set number of hours each week studying until then, which will hopefully be enough to get me a good score and keep my stress levels in the manageable zone.

And best of all, I got PAID yesterday, so my bank account is no longer flashing red warning lights at me when I check the balance. I mean, it's still not bursting at the seams, but I've got enough to keep the lights on and eat and stuff. So that's nice.

Okay, gotta go get lunch and then I'm meeting up with a friend for a coffee/study date. Have a great weekend and stay warm, everyone!

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  1. Sounds like really great and important work, and I think it's always helpful to get a different perspective on what goes on in our own backyards. I'm glad you're so fired up about it! I hope your sleep improves soon, especially now that you have your schedule worked out. Yay for payday!