Monday, January 13, 2014

First Day Frenzy

Sheesh. First day out of the gate and it was a doozy. In between work and class, I had to pick up my uncle from the hospital (rotator cuff surgery) and shuttle him around town to fill his prescriptions, buy more bandages, get groceries, etc. I just got home from class to discover a sink full of dirty dishes from this morning. DAMMIT KAYLEE when am I going to learn that no matter how long you leave them in there, they still never wash themselves??

On the plus side, my first class was awesome. The professor is somewhat of a legend in his field, and totally looks like one of those adorable nerdy professor types who wears tennis shoes with his Dockers and whose hair looks like it never quite gets combed all the way. Or maybe he's just going for the windswept look... Anyway, the class should be fun.

isn't he cute??

Ugh, YOU GUYS. I really need to get paid. My bank account is, like, approaching empty. I didn't work much the past couple of weeks because I was out of town, and on top of that I've had all these random expenses come up like property taxes on my car and a broken phone and groceries (less unexpected, but still obnoxiously expensive). Seriously, why the f does food cost so much? All the healthy stuff—veggies, meat, yogurt, cheese, nuts, etc.—totally wipes me out. Of course I try to spare no expense when it comes to food (my philosophy these days is: if it has calories and I will eat it, BUY IT) but surriously. This is one area in which the whole Poptart thing really comes in handy. You can get a 12-pack of those puppies practically for the price of a Luna bar.

Or, "Poptart Diet"

Okey doke. If I started this post with a purpose, it has escaped me. Just wanted to fill you in on my rad first day. Happy Monday, everyone.

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