Saturday, June 15, 2013

Saturday Notes

Okey doke, I think I am officially pulling out of that yucky period from earlier this week. Seeing Dr. P really did help tremendously, and my mood picked up a lot after talking with her on Tuesday. She gave me a good mix of cheerleading and concrete suggestions for how to move forward in a way that makes everything seem a bit less frustrating and unmanageable. So, stay tuned.

Work: My job is pretty demanding but in a good way. It's the kind of environment where my brain is totally engaged from the minute I sit down at my desk to the minute I stand up to leave (allowing for bathroom- and lunch-breaks, of course...). I actually brought a project home to work on this weekend, which I probably could have weaseled my way out of, but I wanted to see it through. My boss is a sweetheart, and let me peace out for an hour yesterday for a quick emergency doctor's visit with no warning. (Thanks Boss!)

Entertainment: I'm totally into reading, crafting, and TV right now. My current favorite set-up is sitting in my comfy purple chair working on a craft (embroidery and crochet so far) while watching a show on my computer. Favs of the moment: The Killing and How I Met Your Mother.

Food: Still pretty systematic, unvaried, and boring but what else is new? At least I'm being good about taking my vitamins. My cousin and I baked cookies last weekend and of course she was a carefree normal human person and sampled them afterwards (the recipe was a smidge experimental) but alas, I did not partake.
— BUT I have been expanding my dinner repertoire. Progress?
—And I've cut down on weighing myself again. Thank goodness. It was getting to be a problem.

Other Observations: My ESL students are CUTE. And inspiring, to be honest. Both are Chinese immigrants working on their PhDs. They are just so unbelievably grateful to be here in the US getting an education that they work their butts off day and night, and don't take a single minute for granted. As the proud daughter of an immigrant (Go Papa Bear!), I am amazed at how much people will sacrifice for what I was handed on a silver platter at birth.

Can't believe June is already half over. This summer is going to fly!


  1. Despite your ED you seem to have a wonderful, fulfilling life. I am so envious! I know You must have horrible days but I feel like I'm in the cold outside and peering into a window and your life is inside- all shiny and lovely.

    Hold onto it girl!


    1. hey sweet girl! this totally broke my heart. Will you send me an email?

  2. There is sooooo much i want to comment on but am running out the door in a minute! first of all, congrats on graduation and everything!!! i will write more later when i have more time but i am excited for this next chapter in your life and i see so much growth and strength in you. stay lovely and believe in yourself ; )