Monday, April 16, 2012

Monday Tidbits

I'll try to keep it short after my monster of a post over the weekend!

- There are officially two weeks left of classes. For now, the final paper/exam/project situation is under control, although I'll be working my butt off between now and May 7. The end is in sight! But actually, I love my classes and I'm sad they're ending.

- A friend asked me to brunch next weekend, about which I am panicking just a little. Dinner in a restaurant seems more manageable, although I suppose dinner always freaks me out too. I'm just not used to eating big brunch-style meals early in the day, and I'm afraid of feeling horrible and fat and guilty for the whole day instead of just the few hours after dinner until I go to bed.

- But I know that one meal will not make me fat, and maybe this would be a good recovery-oriented challenge for me.

- My ex S contacted me last night and we've been politely messaging back and forth since then. He's abroad right now (another reason I ended things when I did), so it's been conveniently inconvenient to get in touch with him this semester. Not that I've tried - I haven't particularly wanted to deal with the messy post-breakup fumbling. Anyway, it's still a lil awkward now but at least we're on relatively good terms.

- Thoughts go out to anyone in the Midwest, those tornadoes were scary.

Happy Monday! Hope everyone's good.


  1. Brunch is so hard. Here are some tips:

    ~Think of it as just a meal. Brunch seems to imply this idea that you have a feast, but think of it as just a regular meal.

    ~Eat enough no matter what, but don't be afraid to eat "safe" (i.e., poached eggs, buttered toast, and yogurt or whatever is enough and safe for you). what I mean is, don't feel pressured to order french toast just because it's "brunch."

    ~If Brunch is at 11am or later, think of it as lunch. As such, eat breakfast and a.m. snack as normal and then eat "brunch" as "lunch."

    ~If Brunch is at 9 or 10am, think of it as breakfast and reverse your snacks/meals for the day. For example, instead of B,S,L,S,D,S.... wake up and eat S, B (brunch), S, L, S, D.

    It will help relieve anxiety if you kind of plan out your day to incorporate this brunch into your meal plan. This may seem like making a big deal over a meal, but, actually, by doing this you're ensuring you stay in recovery.

  2. Good luck with the rest of your semester! I'm sorry that the classes you're really enjoying are ending.

    I agree that brunch is really stressful, there are so many different kind of foods that can be there, and is it breakfast? Or lunch? I agree with Laura about "safe" foods. I always try to reassure myself that there will be something there that I'm comfortable with, and I can stick with that, even if it's fruit or something. There's no need to put myself in a stressful eating-out AND tackling scary food situation at the same time if I'm just not feeling like I can. Good luck to you!

    The situation with the ex sounds a bit tricky, and hopefully over time the polite messaging will become more comfortable and you may be able to come to some sort of friendship in the future.

    Take care!

  3. I have a hard time with brunches too, but it can be freeing to test yourself. I think one reason I have a hard time with breakfast/brunch is because I worry that if I eat X early in the day, I will eat way more total during that day. In reality, if you have a big brunch or breakfast, chances are your appetite will balance it out at the next meal and your body will stay relatively level in terms of energy. And if you're still as hungry as usual at the next meal, it's a good chance to practice honoring those cues. Win/win? Okay I know it doesn't seem like that, but it can be!

    The exercise issue is tough, and I understand a genuine (non-ED) want to be active, especially in pretty weather, and a fear of it getting out of control again. Have you considered doing some strength training with light weights? It's tougher to over-do (your muscles just don't work after a certain point) than cardio, and can get you both the burn and a bit of an power/endorphin rush without a lot of impact on your joints and a lot of time taken out of the day. Just a suggestion; I think it's done wonders for me but everyone is different.

    By the way, I LOVED Laura's tips above for dealing with brunch, listen to that lady! ;)