Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Back Home

I got home last night for Thanksgiving break. My parents are being wonderful and doting and everything, although I do still feel a bit under the microscope while eating.

I'm a little nervous about tomorrow - we're driving up to spend the day with my dad's side of the family. There will be a ton of relatives who we haven't seen in a while. I've given up driving myself crazy trying to figure out when I last visited them (and what my weight was then).

Jumping backwards a little bit: I was sitting next to this obnoxious jerk on the plane last night. When he first sat down,  hee leaned over with this creepy leer and held out his hand for me to shake and said: "Thanks for being thin."

I choked and almost sprayed Diet Coke everywhere. He must have thought I didn't hear him, because he repeated, "Thanks for being thin. Skinny. Have you ever sat next to some really fat person on a plane?"

Than he made a rounded gesture with his arms, like a big stomach, and started laughing.

I was floored. FLOORED. It never ceases to amaze me how some people talk so blatantly about body weight and size to complete strangers. In my mind (and maybe I'm overly sensitive), those topics are Off. Limits.

I kind of wanted to slap him, but I'm wimpy and only managed to choke out a "No problem!" But you should meet my therapist!

There is this general sense of relief about having the week at home to decompress. On the food front - I'd be lying if I said I wasn't nervous and stressed about it. But Thanksgiving is actually my favorite holiday and I'm lucky to be here with my family for it. I'm doing my best to avoid letting my irrational fears ruin things.

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