Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Thanksgiving Week Kick-Off

My brother got here yesterday, and thus begins the start of a hopefully-not-too stressful week of family Thanksgiving festivities. We are celebrating in College City because a lot of my extended family lives here, and one of my cousins and I go to school here (different universities, though). Big Brother B is staying with me, and my parents are staying in a hotel when they get here tomorrow night.

It's a relief not to have to travel  this year (I HATE airports), but I'm semi-neurotic about having someone in my space. That being said, B is totally laid-back, easygoing, super low-maintenance and flexible about everything (aka the opposite of me...) so he's a pretty simple houseguest. Plus, he makes me laugh and that is much needed right now.

I discovered that my brother has not been kept in the loop about my health - I've never fully filled him in, and I guess my parents haven't either. At first I was a little shocked that he had no idea how messed up things have been, but then I was grateful for the chance to slip back into Normal Lil' Sis mode. As a kid, I completely idolized my big brother and bounced around after him like "B! What are we gonna do next??" Even now, I still think he's pretty much the coolest kid around. He took me and a couple of my friends out last night, which was fun and relaxing. B treated us to dinner and generally charmed everyone and for a little while, I forgot what a FREAK I usually am.

I love my family and am excited to see them, but 1) I still feel pretty physically crappy all the time and 2) I am super self-conscious about my weight, which is X pounds higher than the last time I saw most of my relatives. I hate that my own issues might interfere with family time this week. Really really hoping I can keep my shit together and be a normal sister/daughter/cousin/niece this weekend and enjoy the holiday. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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  1. So glad you've had some time to hang out with your brother--sounds like it's going really well so far! I hope you have a lovely, stress-free time with your family!

    And I'm always available by text or phone-call if you find yourself feeling stressed or in need of a little mental break, so don't hesitate to reach out :)