Sunday, November 25, 2012

Sunday Shenanigans and Positive Thinking

Good morning, all my lovely blogsicles. I am trying a new thing this week - it's called positive thinking. It sucks to be a grouch all the time, you know? I have an appointment with my eye doctor tomorrow, hoping it goes well. My eyes have been feeling a little better recently so maybe all the millions of drops I'm using are finally working! I also managed to snag an appointment with a big wig pain specialist in Home City over winter break. I am so over my current doctor, who is a grade-A bitch with a serious ego problem. Plus she keeps telling me to eat less sugar. Um, no. I assure you, that is not the problem.

My mom and dad left College City last night and of course, I cried like a baby when they drove away. Hi, I'm Kaylee and I'm twenty-two years old. Have I mentioned that I sleep with a teddy bear and read all three Hunger Games books this summer? But seriously, overall it was a really good holiday and I totally rocked the food part. Has anyone tried the new turkey avocado BLT from Panera? It's heavenly.

More tidbits:

- Got my period again! That's five - count 'em, FIVE - months in a row. At least something's working, right?

- I became Unofficial Chauffeur for my brother and cousins this week, and put over three hundred miles on my car in four days. But my daddy spoils me rotten and filled up my tank last night.

- My brother got a leeeetle bit drunk at dinner out with the whole family the other night and belted out Taylor Swift songs the whole ride home. He was a-struggling when we had to leave for the airport at five the next morning.

- One month til Christmas!

- Ouch. My uterus hurts.

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  1. Your brother sounds hilarious! So glad you got to have some great family time! And don't feel bad, I'm almost 27 and I still cry when I say goodbye to my family.

    Congrats on the period! But I hope your uterus feels better soon!