Monday, September 19, 2011

Daily Observations

I've got over a hundred pages to read in an obscure novel so obviously, it's time to blog.

Some things I've noticed:

- It's much too early to be needing sweatshirts and jackets. What gives, Mother Nature? Isn't it technically still summer?

- College City public transportation sucks. Today I waited 45 minutes for Bus A, which was scheduled to come every 20. When it finally arrived, I asked the driver to confirm that it was stopping on the road I needed. She said no, that I had to wait for the next bus, which would be coming "three or four minutes" later. Twenty minutes after that, I hopped on Bus B and rode it to the end of the line, at which point the driver asked where I was trying to go. When I said "L____ Street," he told me that Bus B doesn't go there, and I should have gotten on Bus A. So I rode Bus B all the way back to where I started and had to wait 15 more minutes for Bus A to come back. When I got on, the driver asked, "What are you still doing here?"

- Walking counts as exercise. REALLY. So does stressing and hyperventilating and tapping your foot off in the back of a bus.

- My best friend/roommate eats like a champ and I kind of want to be her someday. She just took a break from studying to bake cookies and then she.....................ate one.

- Drunk boys are a different breed. Last night I was awoken abruptly around 2am to the sound of hooting and hollering and exploding firecrackers in the alley behind my apartment.

- Even though I'm a total introvert, I got nuts without some human contact. This afternoon (after the Bus Fiasco of 2011), a five minute conversation with a friend from freshman year radically changed my entire mood.

- I'm not in college to lose weight. I'm in college for a million other better reasons.

- A hungry brain doesn't work very well.


  1. I'm getting good at managing the buses here at my school...I just make sure I'm super early and have the schedule with me so I can prove to myself and the drivers that I am right! 8-)

  2. Oh wow, that bus incident sounds like a nightmare. It sounds like you're doing well despite the incompetent transportation and drunken fireworks. Keep focusing on those million other reasons you're there, they are indeed better than just losing weight, and you deserve nothing less than the best.