Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Delayed Updates

Random updates after an unplanned hiatus:

- In an attempt to be domestic this week, I accidentally set off the fire alarm in my building while trying to grill turkey on my stovetop. Four firetrucks came. It was mortifying.

- A grilled, tattooed man at the gym gave me his phone number and assured me that he is "a pretty cool guy."

Lip sync battles are my new obsession.

- Mama Bear and I booked a trip out west next month. I am SO EXCITED.

- I have a crush on a guy from school. We chat once a week for about an hour on Tuesdays when we are both at work in the same building. I can't tell if he likes me too or is just friendly with everyone. We are both staying in College City so it could work, right? But I don't have his phone number, just e-mail. And I'm too shy to actually do anything about it.

- My advisor and another professor are taking me and a couple other students out to lunch at a barbecue restaurant today. WHY BARBECUE? This might be even harder than Mexican. Deep breaths.

- Mom, Dad, and Big Bro get here tomorrow afternoon for an insane, jam-packed graduation weekend.

- My back is giving me lots of trouble lately. I'm not sure if it's PMS-related or weight lifting-related. Either way, I'm popping lots of Advil and using lots of ice.


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