Sunday, May 3, 2015

"Just Friends," Food, and Fatigue

T minus eleven days until my family gets here for all the graduation festivities. It is becoming a crazy busy weekend: my parents and brother arrive in College City on Thursday afternoon, then my advisor and another professor are hosting a happy hour for me and another student, followed by the ceremony for my degree program; Friday morning is the school-wide ceremony, followed by a reception, then we're going to a baseball game that night. Saturday is a big family dinner/celebration with aunts and uncles and cousins. Sunday, my popsicle and brother head home; Mama Bear is staying for a week to hang out with me. Anyone else exhausted already?

Had a mostly lovely weekend. Friday after a lunch with my advisor, I was suddenly craving more company—so I texted a friend of mine from undergrad who still lives in town. We got coffee and went for a loooong walk in this beautiful old seminary near campus. This is a good friend who I've known for years, though we got closer after graduating and realizing we'd both be sticking around College City. I think he has a crush on me (pretty sure I've written about him before, but I don't feel like searching through old posts to find a link, sorry) and there's always this slight icky sense of me holding him at arm's length. This sounds totally cliche I know, but it truly is a matter of "not wanting to jeopardize our friendship" because he is a great friend. I just don't have feelings for him beyond that, but I have to say.... as we were walking and talking, I did feel more comfortable and at home with him than I do with most people. It's just so darn easy to talk to him and have a good time, you know? Kinda wishing I "liked him" liked him.

Anyway, then yesterday morning I went to a farmer's market with a friend from my grad program. We didn't do any hardcore food shopping, just bought stuff for a picnic and hung out in the sun for a while. Last night I went to a Cinco de Mayo party. It was authentic. There was salsa.

This week should be another relatively low-key one. I've got work on a couple of days, a data training on Tuesday afternoon, a meeting with J, lunch with a friend, Dr. P., and other random pre-graduation errands and such. For some reason I'm just totally exhausted. Maybe my brain/body know that I finally have some time and space to relax, and are letting their guards down? It's that full-body, achy, drained-to-the-bone exhaustion where all you want to do is collapse on the couch and not move. I guess it's lucky I don't have too much going on... Here's hoping I can hold it together.

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  1. I'm glad you are able to find some time to enjoy life and have some fun :) it's so important! Enjoy your low-key week and get some rest! Our body's are so good at recognizing things our minds might not be and telling us when we need to rest, but if you are anything like me - I'm not too good at always listening to my body's signals sometimes. Enjoy your week!