Friday, May 22, 2015

Mom Visit, Chia, and Whit

YOU GUYS I MISS MY MAMA BEAR. She left yesterday after three glorious days of pure mom-daughter time. We ate lunch in lots of hipster cafes downtown (my mom is a hipster in disguise), went hiking, spent a morning in the botanical gardens, watched a documentary on the Civil War because we are nerdy history buffs, drank lots of coffee and wine (not at the same time..), and she cooked (I don't cook).

Now it back to semi-real life; I have lots of projects from my advisor piling up that I need to get to in the next couple days, and I'm working at my other job today and tomorrow. I have a walk/coffee date scheduled after work with a good friend from grad school, and one of my best friends from college is coming into town tomorrow night so I'm trying to coordinate plans with her.

It still seems a tad surreal that I graduated, and the masters program is actually OVER. I am both totally psyched and a little bummed. Just post-festivities blues, I think.

Random musings and updates:
- New Clif bar flavor = Berry Pomegranate Chia. I've eaten two and am still unsure how I feel about them. A tad too sweet, maybe? Or maybe I'm just skeeved out by chia.*

- On my walk to campus this morning, I found a $20 bill lying in the middle of the sidewalk. I stared at it for about ten minutes in disbelief (who loses $20 and doesn't notice???) then gave it to the homeless guy on the corner. He didn't believe that I found it on the street but I swear I did!

- I just introduced my bestie to Whitney Houston circa 1985 ("HOW WILL I KNOW IF HEEEE REALLY LOVES MEEEE?"). I considered it her birthday present. Whit was a class act.

- Is it lame that I don't want to do anything this weekend but hang out by myself, read my book in the sun, watch TV, and sleep?

- T minus ONE MONTH until my mom and I head out on our western adventure. 



  1. Ha, you crack me up. I don't touch that chia shit, 'cause I'm like... WHAT IS CHIA? I totally feel you there.

    Are you and your mom driving or flying out west? You know if you hit the SF bay area you'll have to let me know how awesome you think it is, since it's like, my home base and whatnot.

    Nice that you gave the $20 to a homeless person. Seriously, how many people would do that? You know, not many, I don't think...

    Are you staying where you are for the PhD program or did you decide to go elsewhere? I might have missed that during my blog-reading hiatus.

    Have you tried Quest bars? Everyone was raving about these things and I tried them and I was like, "Yeah, OK. they're OK, but they're still a BAR." Baby, microwave those muthaz for 8 seconds and they are delish! I'm totally hooked now!

    I'm totally coping this post in case your blog decides to eat it again! OK, but hopefully it'll post. :)

  2. Or maybe I COPIED it and not coped it....

    1. Hey E - We are flying, but not quite that far west. I have always wanted to spend more time in the bay area, though. My parents lived in Palo Alto for a while when they were first married (the cheapo part because they were young and poor....) and I do still have some family scattered throughout California, but I have only actually visited once or twice.

      I am staying at my current U for the PhD...don't worry, all you missed on your hiatus was a lot of indecisive hand-wringing.

      I have never tried Quest bars - I typically do clif or luna, though sometimes get bored and try something new so I will keep an eye out for those! I hate that bars are like these designer snacks and can be SO expensive... And yeah, chia is a total mystery to me. I usually for any flavor that has some combo of peanut butter, almonds, and chocolate :)