Sunday, September 14, 2014

Sleepy Sleepy

My b, sorry for the long delay. If I hadn't mentioned, I'm a tad overscheduled these days. Plus, Mama Bear has been in town this week! Since I am never home and have no free time, I didn't actually get to spend much time with her. BUT she did a lot of cooking and I've been eating like a queen. Not looking forward to fending for myself again tomorrow night....

My insomnia is OFF THE CHAIN. I have slept maaaayybe 10 hours in the past three nights. But Kaylee! you might ask, Why don't you just pop some sleeping pills??? Well, normally I have zero qualms whatsoever about the OTC stuff (Tylenol or Advil PM, ZzzQuil, whatever happens to be cheapest) and they usually work like a charm - knock me right out. And then I'll use it for a few days, taper off, and that usually works to reset my sleep schedule pretty well. However, I've discovered that the drugs tend to seriously dry out my eyes. The active ingredient in most OTC sleep aids is diphenhydramine (a.k.a. the antihistamine in Benadryl), which is super drying. I was taking Tylenol PM last week, but discovered that my eyes got unbearably dry and I had to stop. Unfortunately I still can't sleep. I toss and turn and panic while my stomach turns somersaults, and then I walk around like a zombie all day long. My mom bought me this "all natural" sleep aid called Somnapure that doesn't have drugs or anything in it; it's like melatonin and valerian and other hippie nonsense, but I am willing to try anything. Send me your sleepy vibes tonight!

Other than that I'm doing pretty well. Obviously stressed, but overall my mood has been more positive than not. I do not understand my brain, or depression, or anxiety, or life. But I will take what I can get. My pain levels have been much reduced lately, for which I am UNBELIEVABLY GRATEFUL. Still not too pleased about the lack of exercise, but also able to shrug it off a bit more. Maybe I am too tired to worry. Again, I will take it.

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend, much love to you all.

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  1. I have off and on again insomnia, and I usually take melatonin for it which seems to help okay. It helps me fall asleep but sometimes it doesn't help me stay asleep.