Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Upside

You wouldn't know it from reading my blog lately, but I actually have a really good life. I am so lucky. It's lost on me sometimes, but I'm doing my best to keep the small stuff in perspective and not take too much for granted.

Some things I've got going for me right now:

- R had a phone session with my mom yesterday and I think it really helped her understand some things better. College City is really far away from where my parents live, and I know that my mom worries about the distance and not being totally in the loop as far as my treatment. So having the chance to talk to R definitely alleviated some of that and gave her some insight into what I'm going through.

- I started watching How I Met Your Mother. Lots of my friends are obsessed with it but I'd actually never seen an episode until a few weeks ago. It's not my favorite show ever (I'm a bigger 30 Rock fan), but it's perfect for unwinding and getting my mind off of anything heavy.

- In one of my classes, we just finished reading Jane Eyre. I haven't read that book since high school, and I forgot how much I love it. It's been a while since I've gotten lost in a book, but I came close a couple times this past week. I love when schoolwork doesn't feel like schoolwork.

- One of my articles for work was published online last week. I've written quite a bit in the past, but haven't had anything published in a couple of years so this was super exciting and ego-boosting.

- My coffee has been tasting especially delicious to me recently. I have no idea why, since I've been brewing it the same way for years, but I'm not complaining. (I'm a total coffee snob and only drink Starbucks.) There is nothing more wonderful than waking up to a pot of hot, fresh coffee. Mmmm...

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  1. I think anyone who isn't snobby about coffee has never had the truly good stuff. ;)

    I love that 'lost in a book' feeling, glad you had such enjoyable schoolwork this week.

    It's really great that R was willing to have a talk with your Mom, I'm sure she appreciated that and I hope it was a relief for you too.

    Congrats on getting the article published; that's awesome! I hope that the rest of your week goes well. It's important to remember the upsides, even when the downsides are overwhelming. Of course this is your space to analyze whatever side you want, hope you never feel guilty for that, but it's a good exercise to at least contemplate the highlights sometimes too, whether you write them down or not.

    When I was a kid my mom always made me list 3 good things that happened that day before I went to bed every night, and I still do that now on days that were really bad. Writing, books, and coffee are always top candidates for my lists too, that made me smile when I read this post. ;)

    Hang in there chica, have a great night!