Friday, August 12, 2011

Week in Review

Entering the home stretch - of summer, that is.  Today is my last day of work and I'm hoping to peace out early, if all goes to plan.

We had a department outing on Wednesday that involved a catered lunch.  I did eat pretty well, even though I was stressed about the whole thing right up until I sat down at the table.  I definitely had to do some private cheerleading to feel okay.  It wasn't so much the actual food that bothered me - more the break in routine.  I couldn't relax beforehand because I didn't know what to expect, and afterwards I worried that maybe I'd eaten too much.  Logically, I'm sure it wasn't any bigger than my normal lunch, but that didn't stop the little voice in my head that wondered, how can you be sure?

But even though I was uncomfortable about it, I still managed to eat a decent meal and have a good time.  As much as I hate my job, I do work with some genuinely kind, warm, funny women and it was nice to spend some time with them outside of the office.

On the exercise front: I haven't been running for the past few weeks because I started having awful hip pain.  Actually, the hip pain has been there for a while and I just ignored it. Recently, though, I've been experimenting with other kinds of exercise in hopes that the pain will go away without turning into a full-blown injury. Nothing feels quite as good as running to me, though, so I usually go a little overboard on the bike or the elliptical to make sure I get a "hard enough" workout, and end up hurting and frustrated.

Long story short, even without running, my hip hasn't really gotten any better.  Recently the pain started spreading to my lower back so that when I'm sitting at my desk or in my car, suddenly my back will seize up and I have to start twisting and performing contortions to stretch it out.  I'm seeing an orthopedist next week so fingers crossed it's nothing serious.  In the meantime, my goal is to stay off of it completely in terms of working out - maybe try swimming instead.  But NO RUNNING.

In other body-failure news, I have a horrible cold.  Every morning when I wake up sniffling and congested, I get confused all over again.  Who gets colds in the summer?  Me, apparently.  This is my second since June.  Not life-threatening, but annoying.

It is probably going to be a boring weekend since my two best friends are out of town.  It's a little early to start thinking about packing up my stuff for the semester, but cleaning and laundry are definitely in order.  Then therapy on Sunday and dietician on Monday.  Hopefully I'll find something semi-fun to keep me busy.

Off to my final day at the office.

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