Friday, January 22, 2016

One Down

Highlights of the first week of the semester:

- Taught my first class and it was a BIT of a disaster. Technical difficulties + 28 students + 1 very flustered TA (me). Luckily they were nice about it, and the professor and I figured out the issues after class so things should be good to go by next week.

- This dumb project I've been working on forever for my advisor is almost done. THANKS BE TO GOD.

- I've felt a slight uptick in anxiety this week, probably just early-semester jitters (which seems to happen every semester) but I'm still doing better than I did for most of last fall.

- Still on Celexa, still amazed by its effect on my anxiety. Still no weight gain or other scary side effects—just constant, grinding headaches. Some days I pop Tylenol around the clock. I'm going to bring it up at my next appointment with the psychiatrist in a few weeks; can't remember if this was an issue last time, but I'm assuming it'll improve with time.

- I might be getting BRACES. Well, invisible ones (either invisalign or generic type). I've always been pretty self-conscious about my teeth, and they shifted slightly more in the two years since I got my wisdom teeth out (not uncommon, apparently). Anyway, I had a consult with an orthodontist last week who said she could probably fix them right up in about a year-ish....which would be perfect, considering I'll lose my dental insurance in November.

And in television related news:

- I'm going to start watching Making a Murderer.


Happy Friday, everyone!



    Also, congrats on getting through the first week! Being a TA is all about frequently looking less competent than you want to even when you are an incredibly competent person. It's almost like you're being paid to be hazed. Just kidding, I'm sure you'll do great this semester! Teaching has become my favorite part of grad school.

    I hate to hear about those headaches; does the time of day you take the meds affect them at all?

    Congrats on wrapping up a project, that's huge! It sounds like it will be nice not to have it hanging over your head anymore.

    1. I'm already about halfway through, so give me like three hours and we can discuss in full...haha.

      Ugh yeah TAing is a trip. THEY CAN SMELL MY FEAR, I KNOW IT. I've gotta work on my power stance, I think,

      Not sure about the headaches, I do think they are worse on the days I either forget a dose (happens more often than I care to admit...yes I know I need to set a reminder on my phone...) or when I've upped the dose, so I wonder if it's related to that.

  2. Oooh, braces. I'm a pro, so I'd be happy to help you out there with any questions, etc. I had a difficult case as an adult that required surgery... but I documented everything on It's tough. I've never done Invisalign though. What is the reason that you want to do it? Cosmetic? Bite? TMJ? What's wrong w/ your bite/teeth?

    Sorry, I got side-tracked by this!

    1. Oh wow didn't know that, had you had braces as a kid too? I was given the option when I was in high school because my teeth were not THAT bad...wish I had done it then! I only really cared about the cosmetic part (my front teeth are crooked) but ever since the wisdom teeth surgery (I got all four out 2 years ago) my back teeth are pretty jacked up. Last time I was at the dentist they found cavities in both my lower molars because they had shifted in a way that made them impossible to brush/floss. And yeah something about my bite is wrong but I'm not sure what the exact terminology overbite of some type? basically my top jaw is positioned too far forward so the teeth don't sit properly (?)

  3. Oh yes. I've had braces THREE times. Ages 12-15, 2005-2008, and 6 months in 2012. (Shouldn't have done that last stint.) Had the corrective jaw surgery in July 2007 (both upper and bottom jaws broken and repositioned). You're young, so I say go for it. I don't think you'll have any regrets and it'll save you same pain later on down the road.

    1. Yikes!! That's quite the ordeal. My cousin had braces three times as a kid too, no idea how it was that complicated...and now she claims her teeth are crooked again (though I can't tell). Anyway wow that sucks, on the plus side your teeth must be fabulous now. I am still thinkin about it, will certainly keep you posted.

  4. Congrats on the research project! Always feels good to have something not-so-fun done with!

    I hope TA-ing goes well this semester! It definitely does seem like it's a lot about acting, because college kids can be brats sometimes if they think there's any bit of uncertainty or anxiety. You can do it! I'm sure you'll be great!

    I hope the headaches go away and you get some relief. Also, sounds like a good time for the braces with your dental insurance deadline coming up!

  5. Hope the headaches clear up, that's no good if your pills make you need MORE pills. :/

    I wish they'd had invisalign when I was forced to get braces. A total of like 5 bloody years throughout grammar school and high school, and $10,000 of my parents' money well spent--I never wore the retainer and my teeth have gone right back to where they were before the braces.