Friday, October 24, 2014

Popping In

You guys are the best!! Your stressbusters are awesome. I am definitely feeling way more in control on things this week, especially after getting a bunch of papers out of the way. Two of my classes are causing major stress and frustration - but more because of professor/interpersonal-related things than work-related things, and it's too complicated to explain right now. I am trying to stay zen and within myself and not get fired up about stuff I can't control and that won't matter long-term...but grrr people make me mad.

Otherwise, things are chugging along. I am having a hard time believing the semester is almost two-thirds done, which seems CRAZY considering how much has to happen between now and December 10. I have lots more to write about school stuff, ED stuff, life stuff, etc. but I'm tired and hungry and sick of staring at a computer, so til next time.

Oh! You guys know how I have this confusing relationship with country music? Like how I pretend to kinda/sorta like it but actually I hate all of it??? Well, I literally almost DIED when I heard this song on the radio this morning....normally it would irritate the hell out of me since it's so twangy, but it articulates like 90% of what I HATE about most country songs. So, day=made.

1 comment:

  1. He he
    I can relate so much
    I have always resisted my pull to towards country music
    So maybe I am the opposite to you
    But I don't like to admit that I like it
    But I really do
    Not at all of it
    But I love Dolly Parton
    And my guilty pleasure is Taylor Swift
    Going to check out the song on your blog now x