Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Popping In

I do.not.know why I never want to blog anymore. Maybe I've just gotten out of the habit? Maybe I don't feel like thinking and writing about eating disorders anymore? Maybe I'm just older and bored? Anyway. If anyone is still reading, some updates:

- I'm in my second year of my PhD, which means: fewer classes, more teaching, more research, more impending deadlines. It's a real lifestyle change to not be running between classes anymore; I pretty much just have a desk job now, punctuated with one or two classes a week and meetings with my advisor. I'm teaching a lab section this semester too, so my workload will grow once things get going and I have assignments to grade.

- PhDing also means traveling like crazy. In the past year I have been to:  California, Louisiana, New York, and D.C. twice for conferences. This weekend I'll be in Florida for a workshop. In March I'll spend a week in the UK for a project. In June, I am tentatively going to Toronto. This homebody has had to learn to pack a suitcase and get over her intense hatred of airports.

- My weight is rock solid, if anyone cares. It's been about three years of staying within the same 2-3 pound range, with very little effort from me. I mean, I still watch what I eat. I'm very aware of calories, and I sort of "unofficially" count them in my head, but I'm pretty loose about it. I exercise regularly but not religiously. (Sometimes I'm a little religious about it. I tell myself it's to keep my anxiety in check.) Sometimes I feel fat; mostly I just feel this vague apathy about my body. I don't love how I look, I wish I were thinner, but I'm old enough and I've been at this long enough to know that this is simply how I'm built, and trying to fight my way around that is neither sustainable nor advisable.

- I've been dating a bit. I went out with one guy for a few months this summer/fall, but we ended things in December. He was nice and all, it just didn't totally click. I never had that head-over-heels feeling, you know? I'm kinda/sorta casually hanging out with someone else right now, but it's pretty new and I think I might already be ready to pull the plug before things even get started. Ugh why don't I ever fall for the nice ones???

Welp, that's all I've got in me at the moment. Hope everyone is doing well. Sorry to disappear.

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  1. Wow, you posted! :) I randomly decided to check at 3:30am this morning and there it is! Sounds like life's going life-like... sounds good!

    My only guess about the blog is that since you're no longer dealing with ED stuff, you're not interested in blogging about it here. I just pulled my Bananas blog (again, but for good this time). It just didn't feel right posting there anymore. It happens! I'm more concerned about the people that still have ED blogs from back in the day and have not moved forward in their lives at all. If it's worth anything though, I enjoy hearing what you've been up to.