Friday, July 17, 2015

Post PT Friday Shenanigans

Now as you all know, my life is currently AS BORING AS BORING CAN BE because (A) I'm crippled (hi boot!) and (B) It's the dead of summer, I'm between grad programs, and everyone I've ever known has fled the state, it seems (bye friends!). So my main sources of excitement these days are the following:

- Trashy TV show of choice - The Bachelorette, duh. Kaitlyn is so freaking cool, I want to be her bestie and take boxing lessons and stroll the streets of Dublin and have cocktail parties with JUST US. All the guys kind of suck this season, unfortunately; none of them are remotely as cool as her. I used to like Nick when he was on Andi's season, but now he seems kind of sleazy. And Shawn is a lil bitch who needs to get his butt kicked. No one else is much better or even very interesting. Kupah had my attention for a while because his name was Kupah (SUPAH KUPAH!), but then he turned out to be a huge dick. Cupcake was adorable but then this happened and I don't know, call me old-fashioned and rigid in my gendered views but C'MON CUPCAKE, PULL YOURSELF TOGETHER. Oh and remember Clint and JJ? That is all.

Anorexia recovery win of the week - I bought butter. Like, a little tub of butter from the grocery store. I keep it in my fridge and put it on things and then I eat them - baked sweet potatoes, toast, eggs, etc. This may be the first time in my adult life I have ever actually bought butter. I am not joking. Non-ED readers may not grasp the magnitude of this.

Random life hack - I have (re)discovered kneading out the knots in my back and shoulders with a tennis ball against the wall. Pure ecstasy.

- Favorite hangout spot - I love love love Barnes and Noble (used to love Borders too, #tearsfordays) and while I usually just go to hang out, drink coffee, and do work or read trashy magazines, I also spend some time browsing because books=life. But periodically I come across something completely baffling, like this:

If you can't read the subtitle, let me help ya out: "THE LEFT'S PLAN TO TURN OUR COUNTRY INTO A THIRD WORLD HELLHOLE." Lol. This is a real book. Like, someone actually paid her money for writing this. Seriously, I could not make this shit up.

- Boot update: my orthopedist gave me the green light to start tapering out of it; I now probably only wear it about 25% of the time or so, usually if my foot is really sore and I want to give it a break. My sexy physical therapist and I were chatting about it today and he said there is a sort of tipping point at which wearing the boot will start doing more harm than good because the injured foot/leg whatever just gets weaker and stiffer while the other one tries to pick up the slack, so the risk for additional injury starts to outweigh the risk of worsening the original injury. He doesn't think I can do much damage to my bruised/neuroma-ed foot anymore by walking/weight-bearing (I might aggravate it and set myself back, but I'm not really going to do serious or lasting damage) so it would be better to start strengthening it rather than letting it get more stiff and weak. Or something like that. I honestly can't remember; I got lost in his eyes.

- Semi-serious mental health update - doing much better. Don't feel like delving into the dark, scary, icky stuff. I saw Dr. P yesterday (we do every other week now) and since I was feeling better and I hate having hard conversations, my inclination was to not even mention the horrible anxiety and pretend everything was peachy. BUT I was brave and told her about it, and we were able to talk through a lot of the insanity happening in my brain, and I feel a lot better. <3 my therapist, you all should meet her and have therapy with her. Even if you aren't crazy.

Weekend plans include working at the food bank, dinner/drinks with a friend from undergrad and some of his law school friends tomorrow night (NEW PEOPLE?!?!? MAKE THAT DRINK A STIFF ONE) and then lunch and a movie with another friend on Sunday. Somewhere in there I need to finish a paper for my advisor but technically he's out of the country, so...ya know.

Happy Friday, everyone.


  1. I don't know who crying guy is (I don't watch that show) but... he's hot, tears and all. :)

    1. haha yeah ain't he adorable? I think a reasonable level of hotness is required to get on the show. They nicknamed this poor sucker "Cupcake" because he was so sweet... never stood a chance in the big bad world of reality tv, unfortunately

  2. Good riddance to the boot! Seriously, I know it was needed but also that it's a pain, so I'm glad you won't need it full-time anymore.

    Ann Coulter is one of the things that embarrasses me about our country. She makes money because right wingnuts are misogynist and will give any pretty woman pseudcredibility so they can ogle her while smiling and nodding and thinking about how progressive they are for having a female conservative "thinker" as a celebrity. More seriously, I don't think (or just can't fathom) that Ann Coulter even believes half the stuff "Ann Coulter" espouses; she has created a brand of extremist commentary that is profitable and will ride that pony till it drops or stops paying. America being America, it won't stop paying any time soon.

    Political rant over; I love politics.

    I hope you enjoy your friends' law school friends! I'm sure they'll think you're great, and I'm glad you get to catch up with a college friend.

    Also, buying the butter is a huge step, good for you. When I started buying full-fat things again I realized I had totally forgotten how damn GOOD they make thing taste, funny how that works, and your body does need those things. Congrats on that win! Also, it's awesome that you were able to discuss a tough issue with your therapist, that can be really difficult and I'm glad that it turned out to be rewarding! You rock.

    1. Ugh I know, there are so many crazies out there (many of them on Fox News) for whom I would like to apologize to the rest of the world. I agree she's perpetuating a brand (same with people like Megyn Kelly, Bill O'Reilly, Glenn Beck, etc.) but at the same time they need to take responsibility for the hostility they incite. And I actually can't tell if you're being sarcastic about politics - I genuinely can't stand politics, and mostly because so much of it is just posturing for the media. Obama is one of the few politicians in a very long time I respect and trust, and I am hard-pressed to think of many others who don't make me want to puke in my mouth. Elizabeth Warren or Kirstin Gillibrand, maybe? Otherwise it's a stretch...

      Anyway thanks, yes butter rocks! I am making a real effort to eat more "real" foods as opposed to the safe, processed substitutes (except clif bars..I don't care if they are glorified candy bars, I don't think I'll ever give them up) because they really are more satisfying and probably do better things for my body than I am even aware of.

    2. I actually do love politics although most politicians disgust me, lol. Well, I guess I don't "love politics" but I am a news junkie and love *following* politics? I don't know; my news-hounding isn't limited to just politics, but I think my frustration that so many people leading our country and making such big decisions are so inept may make me interested in it out of the misguided hope things will get better, lol. I didn't really become so into following those things before the 2008 election, but it stuck.

      You know one politician I really like even if he is doing some kooky things in his old age? Joe Biden. I read a very in-depth profile of him a couple of years ago and based on that and other sources I think he sounds like a good guy that is good at his job. I hate that he's become a caricature for the national media.

      Clif bars are definitely worth keeping around! Also, one of my favorite full-fat items that I started using a while ago is coconut oil. It is too melty to use like peanut butter, but is a great mix-in for all kinds of things and my last dietitian practically worshiped it.

    3. Totally forgot about Joe Biden - I LOVE HIM. Not just because yes he seems like a smart, driven, well-meaning, competent dude but also because he just seems to have a fantastic personality and isn't afraid to speak up; remember when he totally went off-script and showed his cards on gay marriage while Obama was still being wishy washy about it? I majorly respected him for that. Also - those pearly whites.

  3. Ugh. That book sounds hideous. As has been mentioned--I'm sure she wrote barely a sentence in it herself. Congrats on buying butter! Glad you were able to say yes to meeting new people!

    1. Haha I know, she is awful. Thanks, butter has been a total novelty for me!! I haven't willingly put butter on anything in YEARS and I'm still marveling over how delicious it is.

    2. It so is! There are a lot of foods I've rediscovered like that and they're just so fantastic. Having sauce on things is also a particularly nice readdition into my life. Congrats on being able to enjoy butter and other real foods!