Thursday, July 9, 2015

Bits and Pieces

Three weeks until Mama Bear and I head out on our (postponed) vacation. Four weeks until my fellowship starts and I can quit my job. Five weeks until orientation. Six weeks until school starts (that's 19th grade, for anyone keeping track). Five years until I am a real grown-up with a real grown-up job. START THE COUNTDOWN. Ugh I am so over my job, and honestly getting to the point where I completely dread heading into the office. It just puts a total damper on my whole week. Yet I keep going (I am part-time and make my own hours) because the thought of not having at least that small bit of structure to my days seems unmanageable. Otherwise I tend to arrange my days around working out and eating. Not exactly the most fulfilling existence but, onward and upward. Refer to timeline above.

I saw the orthopedist yesterday. She pulled up my MRI and pointed out the hot spot - there's bruising and swelling at the head of the third metatarsal bone (that's the bone bruise), and also in the space between the third and fourth bones (that's the neuroma). To be honest I didn't really know what I was looking at; it just seemed like fuzzy white and dark spots to me. Now I am in the boot for another week (maybe two) and after that will try putting these metatarsal pad thingies in my shoes just behind the balls of my feet - they are supposed to redistribute the weight or something, so all the stress isn't going to that hot spot anymore. Stay tuned. If it doesn't feel better in the next week or so, she will have me follow up with a foot and ankle specialist for a cortisone injection or something else. Luckily no one mentioned surgery so I am assuming that's not on the table...

In unrelated news: I got called bitch twice yesterday. Two strangers, two separate incidents. The first time caught me totally off guard so I just gaped like a loser. The second time, I slowed my car to a crawl, rolled down my window, and flipped that fucker off. Sure I might get myself shot someday, but damn it felt good.* I am all for like love thy  neighbor and random acts of kindness but you know what? I think everyone benefits from periodically letting out a big fat FUCK YOU. Try it sometime.

And finally: you're welcome.

*High road? What's the high road? Can I catch it off 66?


  1. I smiled out loud at the picture of you flipping that asshole off. Yes!

    Fingers crossed that your bone bruises heal quickly so you can get out of that boot in time for your trip. Also, it sounds like keeping the job these last few weeks in order to have some structure is a very smart move -- I also tend to default to exercise/food as structure when I'm not busy enough, and it's a really easy trap to fall into. What is it about work right now that feels like such a damper, though?

    Take care, sending healthy foot vibes your way!

    1. ugh he TOTALLY deserved it. I do not usually let rude strangers get under my skin but I was at the end of my rope. This one other time last winter that made me SO MAD, this random guy at the train station told me to 'smile' (why do people think that is okay???) and I said NO, so he called me a I told him (verbally, that time) to go fuck himself, lol. Yesterday I decided to mix it up with the finger... Of course I'm only that brave in a crowded subway stop or in my car. Yup I am definitely gonna get myself shot someday!

      Work is just ehh I don't know, below my pay grade, below my skill level, below my qualifications.... it is the same part-time research job I've had throughout grad school. I think I'm just sick of doing grunt work, and have a lot less patience for it now, after two years and a masters degree. Officially gave my three-week notice today, though!!