Sunday, December 1, 2013

Thanksgiving Review

Well, November wasn't a great posting month for me, apparently! Time has just been getting away from me these past few weeks. I am busier than I have been in a LONG time—maybe ever. Thankfully after this upcoming week, things should slow down a bit. I have three papers due and a presentation next week, then BIG papers due the following Monday and Friday, and then I think I'm done. I am also somehow supposed to be putting in 60 hours of work at my two jobs between now and then... Anyone else feeling like the 24-hour day just isn't cutting it anymore? Also, does anyone have any get-rich-fast tips that might alleviate the need for those aforementioned two jobs?? I am very much looking forward to next semester when I can cut my schedule down to four classes instead of five.

I just got back to College City a few hours ago after a lovely few days at home. Aside from a Turkey Trot on Thursday morning and an outing with some old high school friends on Friday, my vacation was primarily split between family time and homework. It was just the four of us (mom, dad, brother, me) for Thanksgiving dinner, which was fine by me. I love quiet, cozy holidays.  Plus, I think I might be at the point where I'm able to actually enjoy food a bit rather than stress about it. My mom cooked up a storm and we had an awesome array: turkey (obviously), mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, curried cauliflower, carrots, cranberry chutney, rolls, and pumpkin AND apple pie (although the apple was only for my dad's benefit—he's picky).


I got a Food Talk from my mom yesterday, which was kind of weird. It's been a while. I feel like I've been eating pretty well, and my weight is the highest it's been in several years. I think she noticed that I'm running a lot more these days, and is freaked out that I'm going to set myself back healthwise—basically the same fear I've been having myself. Six months ago, I would've sworn to give up all exercise in a heartbeat if it meant the pain would get better; now that the pain is actually starting to get better, I've WAY upped my exercise and I'm reluctant to even think about cutting back. Even though I know that only terrible things will come from me falling back into those old compulsions, it's so hard to logic myself out of it. It's also weird because I'm doing well with food, so it sort of seems like I've started swapping one compulsion (restricting) for another (running). At least it's not both at once like it used to be, right? Like, I'm okay with increasing my calories and eating poptarts and pumpkin pie and all that, but can still only really justify it because I'm working out. Ugh, I want these thoughts out of my head.

Okay, off to work on some of these papers and get psyched for the insane week ahead. Hope everyone had a great holiday, take care.

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  1. Glad you have a nice (and tasty!) time at home! It's great that you've gotten more comfortable and flexible around food enough to enjoy it! As far as the exercise, it does seem problematic. The connection of food and exercise sounds very common, but not terribly healthy. I'm really glad you're doing well with food, but it does seem like this is getting compulsive. Of course, that's just from where I'm sitting. I could be totally wrong, so take that with the grain of salt of an outsider's perspective. Is it something you can work with Dr. P on? To maybe start taking more rest days just for a few weeks to break the cycle? I'm really glad you're being open and honest about this though! Good luck to you!