Sunday, August 23, 2015

Re-Injured and Other Updates

Guess who overdid it in PT and re-injured herself? Oh, JUST ME. I have tentatively diagnosed myself with turf toe (an MTP joint sprain) and am praying it really is just that—a sprain—as opposed to another fracture or something more major/complicated. At my PT session on Friday, I did a lot more foot strength-specific stuff (calf raises, running stairs) and single-leg balancing stuff, and felt okay (but tired!) afterward...but then that night I couldn't sleep because my big toe and the ball of my foot was throbbing so bad. Yesterday I didn't pay much attention until the afternoon when I was out and about running errands, and suddenly my big toe joint started KILLING ME to the point where I could barely walk and was practically in tears. Came home and took off my shoe to find the joint bruised and swollen, iced it, held a pity party for myself, iced some more, couldn't sleep AGAIN last night (hello insomnia), and now I'm pouting at the prospect of another however-many weeks of attempting to stay off my feet. Anyone wanna swap feet with me? Anyone? Anyone?

source: AAOS

On the plus side, it gave me the excuse to go drop $100 on my first pair of Dansko shoes (thanks JS for the suggestion!) and they are super cute and comfy (or as comfy as any shoes can be with a bruised and swollen toe). I am considering breaking out the Boot again for a week or so to really give myself a chance to heal. We shall see. UGH injuries are the worst.

You guys like?

In other news, school starts tomorrow. I am in denial. There is quite a bit of reading assigned for my first set of classes, but it is unclear how I am supposed to afford textbooks to do this week's reading when my first stipend payment doesn't get disbursed until next week. You guys feel me?


- In the vacuum of televised intelligence and thoughtful satire left behind by Jon Stewart, I have become obsessed with John Oliver. Ain't he adorable? That accent. Those dimples.

love the Brits.

- Someone please remind me it's okay to not exercise every day. And to not reach a certain number of steps every day. And to drive to campus instead of walking/biking if I need to.

- How 'bout them Duggars? Good grief.

- As mentioned, my insomnia is outta control. I am beyond sleep-deprived. I have a giant boring financial book next to my bed to try to put myself to sleep at night, to no avail so far.

- My period was totally late again. Apparently I'm on a six-week cycle now. #notpregnant

Everyone take a minute to pray to the Sleep Gods that I actually catch a few Z's tonight. PLEASE, I NEED IT SO BAD. Okay folks, signing off. Hope everyone has an awesome week.


  1. I still haven't seen John Oliver's show even though I loved him on The Daily Show. He is so totally adorable and smart and witty and BRITISH! Charming. :)

    1. His new show is amazing! and you don't even need HBO - all the full length clips are on youtube. It's a different format than the daily show or the colbert report; basically he picks a topic and just GOES OFF for 20ish minutes. He is definitely my current fav comedian (we'll have to wait and see how Colbert's new show turns out...!!)

  2. Ah, thanks for the tip! I will have to check out YouTube then! I'm kinda nervous about Colbert's show. I LOVE STEPHEN COLBERT SO MUCH but the format...? I don't know.

  3. John Oliver = WIN. Love that guy. I like the more in-depth format of his show relative to The Daily Show, although both have their place.

    So sorry about your toe! I hope that is on the mend soon. How often are you doing PT?

    Also it's now Wednesday, which means that classes have started for you; I really hope everything is off to a smooth start.

    Have you checked for your textbooks? I've saved hundreds and hundreds of dollars by searching for textbooks on there. You can buy a one-day unlimited download pass for about $9, and just get the books in PDF form for a fraction of the retail price. It doesn't have everything, of course, but I've gotten some relatively obscure stuff on there; it's worth a search.

    1. Same, I really like how John Oliver sticks with one main topic per episode and really owns it. Also I've learned SO MUCH from him, like the bogus ways stadiums get funded - who knew???

      I was doing PT 1-2x per week for about six weeks, now I'm down to once every couple of weeks or so (partly because I've made progress and partly because it was getting too expensive...)

      Thanks for the tip, I've never used that site but I'lll definitely check it out! I hate reading on the computer but am trying to weigh the cost of books vs how much I will actually reference them once the class is over...

  4. Ouch! how are the danskos working out for you? I know they're insanely $$$ but they did wonders for my (then) chronically stress fractured feet. I just ordered a new pair in addition to ordering suits from a zillion different places to try on in attempt to find something grown up and interview-appropriate.

    A more fashionable friend of mine was like, oh those will be fine, but I would go with heels and then i died laughing...

    Hope week one went okay and you're getting settled into a good routine.

    1. The shoes are awesome! more comfortable than my running shoes actually - don't know if I'll ever be able to go back to the cheap flats/sandals I usually wear. And yeah they are expensive but at a certain point there are some things I'm just willing to spend money on, ya know? Especially after hobbling around in the boot and missing so many weeks of running due to this damn foot.

      lol to your fashion forward friend. Bless her heart, and if she can rock the heels then go get em, girl. I do heels maybe once or twice a year...maybe. Good luck on the interviews!!!

    2. Yay glad they're working out for you-- I sometimes feel semi-evangelical about how much I <3 them!